Underground Utility Survey

Our Utility Surveys services include;

PAS-128 Compliant Underground Utility Surveys

Gwalia Surveyors carry out all our underground utility surveys to PAS128 (specification for underground utility detection, verification and location) working in accordance to the TSA’s Utility Surveys Guidelines. Gwalia Surveyors’ Utilities division offers a wide range of non-invasive utility mapping solutions. With a team of specialist surveyors and a fleet of state of the art detection equipment, we are able to accurately identify and map all underground utilities and services including electric, gas, water, telecommunications, fibre optics and drainage.

Our Services Include;

  • Compilation of Statutory Undertakers Records
  • On site “mark up” surveys
  • Manhole inspection
  • Drainage surveys
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Borehole and trial-pit clearance

Gwalia Surveyors’ In house utilities survey capabilities, along with extensive experience and knowledge mean that we can offer tailored surveys to meet the client’s needs. Gwalia Surveyors offers our clients one point of contact for all of their survey requirements, with our complete package of mapping services both at the surface and subsurface.

Our deliverables include:

  • 2D/3D AutoCAD Drawings
  • BIM/Revit Models
  • Utility Detection Survey Report
  • CCTV Survey Report

CCTV Utility Surveys

If you have a drainage problem that doesn’t have an obvious cause, we can insert a CCTV camera into the pipes to track it down. We combine this service with the use of ground penetrating radar and a CAT & Genny; Cable Avoidance Tools and Signal Generators, which allows us to see exactly what the problem is and tell you how it could be resolved.

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