Land Surveys

If you need a topographic or land surveys of any size, we can help. It may be a small site in an urban area or a larger rural site, such as a proposed golf course or environmental project, like a bio-mass plant or wind farm. We can assess flood danger, give accurate measured building surveys and floor plans, elevations and sections; in fact, anything you need.

We’ve already worked on some major survey projects, including the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Exeter University, Belgrave Road, the main trunk road in Leicester, the Snowdon Summit and Café, the National Assembly site in Cardiff, BBC Broadcasting House in London, water treatment works across South Wales, tunnel surveys and school buildings prior to renovation.

We also provide a regular service to architects, civil engineers, developers, housing associations and public bodies like Dwr Cymru, BBC and more.

As well as a topographical survey for a site, we can also set-out estate roads, drainage and buildings on small to medium sized developments.

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