BIM Modelling Services

Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates an intelligent 3D model of a building that provides you with accurate, accessible, actionable information, allowing you to make important and informed decisions, identifying any design conflicts before construction begins.

The BIM model consists of the virtual equivalents of the actual building parts, with all the characteristics of their real counterparts. These intelligent elements simulate the building and understand its behaviour in a computer environment way before the actual construction starts.

Where traditional building design relied on two-dimensional drawings, BIM can take a project beyond 3 dimensions. On top of width, height and depth, the additional dimensions of time and cost can be added, meaning that cost estimates can be included in the model, as well as material tracking and ordering. BIM software also defines objects in relation to each other, which means that when a related object is amended, dependent ones will also automatically change.

With the ability for a multitude of information to be contained in one model, when the project is handed from the design team to the main contractors and subcontractors, each team can add their own layer of specific data to the same virtual model. This means that the risk of losing information between stages is lessened.

At Gwalia we can provide 3D Mapping (Laser Scanning) for BIM, creating 3D models which can be uploaded into a Revit programme. Our state of the art laser scanner, equipped with a 2 megapixel camera, allows for true colour rendering accurate to 4mm on targets up to 150m away, with a maximum range of 330m. In other words, it gives you a highly detailed image of an area!

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